Saving PDF for a specific map area

  • Last Post 28 April 2016
mcu1 posted this 27 April 2016

If I am zoomed in on a particular area of my map, and I save it as a pdf, it saves the entire map and not the area that I have zoomed in on.  How do I save the pdf for just the area that I am showing on my screen instead of the entire map?

Admin posted this 28 April 2016

Great question. That's exactly were map "snapshots" play a great roll. You can create several snapshots of the regions of your map with the zoom level and even the map type that you want. After you have created a snapshot they can be used for you PDF creation. Click the "Save as PDF" link located on the toolbar and on the pop up form under the section "Settings" there is a dropdown box where you can select the snapshot that you want to use as the map view for the PDF.
You can experiment with different snapshots to see which one looks better.
Here is a link of the tutorial on how to create snapshots
and another link with the queston: Why the Map does not look the same when I export it (PDF of IMG)?