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  • Last Post 14 December 2015
stuadams posted this 15 November 2015

Hi, There used to be a little navigation tool that allowed you to zoom in and out of the maps. It's gone. Can we please have it back as it is very hard (hit and miss) to zoom in and out using an apple mouse.

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Admin posted this 10 December 2015

Hi, We're using the latest version of Google Maps; therefore we get the map controls set by them.

However, we found a way around to keep the previous controls (zoom in/out is one example) if we set a flag to the map.

Give us a couple of days to figure out how to allow our users to opt out of the new controls if the want to. 

We'll update you if we can make it work.


Admin posted this 14 December 2015

Hi, good news; we have added a setting that will allow you to continue to use the previous map controls until it is completely deprecated by Google. How long is going to be available? it will be available until August 2016.

How to get the zoom in/out navigation control back?
Click on the "Dashboard" link from the top menu, and then click on the "Settings" link from the left menu.
Find  the box for "Continue using the earlier set of controls".
Check the box and click save.

Also it is important to let you know that you can easily zoom in clicking on the map or using the scroll button on your mouse if you have it.