Finding a particular route by entering a Point location

  • Last Post 15 February 2017
garcmattm posted this 01 February 2017

I have multiple routes. How do I find the route for a particular point location? In other words, I want to be able to enter the point location and it shows what route it's on.

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Admin posted this 05 February 2017

For what I see; the only way to see what pins are on the path of a route is clicking on the rout itself.
When you save a route there is a list of routes on the side panel. Click on the route and you can see
what pins are on the path of that route.

Having said that, I'm not sure I understand you question. Do you mind to use our contact form on our web site?
and let us know your username so we can get an idea what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

garcmattm posted this 08 February 2017

I have 10 different routes and maps for each. How do I locate which route a particular customer is on without having to search through each route? Let's say I'm looking to see which route the ABC Shoe store is on. How can I do a search for the ABC Shoe store and it automatically shows me that route?

Admin posted this 11 February 2017

Each pin is independent from the "map directions", so without displaying the route on the map there is no way to know on which route is each pin located. In other words, from the pins you can’t automatically show a route.

You would need to create a route and select the route from the "Directions" tab to display it on the map.

The way I would tackle this problem without using the "directions" functionality is to use the drawing tools.
Particularly the "polylines." Using polylines, you can draw a path from pin to pin.

Another way is to create a route using the map "directions" functionality and after you have the directions from point A to point B on the map, I would add the pins on the places where I need based on the route.

garcmattm posted this 13 February 2017

That really doesn't help me. I just want to be able to enter the name of a customer and it tells me somewhere wgat route they are on based on the information I have entered about that business.

So how can I create a spreadsheet? Maybe I can list the businesses alphabetically for each route and see them that way. But I should be able to view it online.

Admin posted this 15 February 2017

The functionality you're looking for is not currently available.
You can download a spreadsheet with the map points data, but is not tied to routes.