Why the pins are not necessary fixed on the map and can move between one viewing and the next one?

  • Last Post 04 August 2017
Tommy posted this 04 August 2017

This happens when I zoom in/out the map view.

Admin posted this 04 August 2017

The issue that you report about the pins not in the same place as you zoom in or zoom out the map, is more related to the map Google Map itself. The problem stem from the fact that the pins are quite big for the actual spot they are located at. When you start to zoom out the size of the pin remains the same, but the streets, highways, homes and other objects looks smaller nd smaller as you zoom out.

This change in map zoom level gives the impression that the pin is not located on the same place any more and that is onstantly moving.

We’re aware of this perception and that’s the reason why we recently came up with a system update where you can scale the pins on the map. You can scale the size from 40% up to 100% which is it’s normal size. The smaller the scale the better the pin looks on the map. Specially because at lower percentage the pin looks more like a real size object on the map and its position becomes more accurate at various zoom levels.

However, in low zoom levels (more map view) the pin could look very small on the map; therefore, making it hard to see and difficult to click on it on a mobile device.

User’s need to experiment with the right pin scaled size based on their own map zoom level and needs.

Great quesiton! Thanks