Set up a map for client viewing that doesnt have all of the editing features visible and active?

  • Last Post 22 November 2015
Larry posted this 22 November 2015

I want to send an email with the url to our pinmap embedded in an image of the map.  When a client clicks on the map, I want them directed to our pin map in a non-editable format.  How do I do this?

Admin posted this 22 November 2015

The best way to do this would be to give your user a link that point to the printing version of the map. 

You can click "Print Map" from the tool bar and then click "Map Only". That map is really nice because it takes the entire page and only displays the pins on it.   You can then share the URL to that map. It is important to remember that you need to "Turn on Map Sharing" clicking on the "Share Map" button located on the tool bar.   Then click the "Turn On Map Sharing" button. You can stop sharing the map at any time you want and the visitors to the link will not see the pins.