Pins seem to be not in the right place

  • Last Post 20 November 2015
Raincs posted this 20 November 2015

Good Afternoon,

I am having a bit of trouble keeping the pins I place in the correct locations. My map is based in Tamale, Ghana & we need to point out the exact locations of schools we are working with. This inevitably leads to some pins being off the main roads but when refreshed, all pins automatically move to the nearest main road or intersection.   Does anyone have any advice to stop this from happening?   Thank you,

Admin posted this 20 November 2015

The pins do not move by themselves. They will stay were you put them.

Having said that, when you zoom in or out they appear to move by some visual illusion. Since the size of the pin does not change it leads to looks like the pin is in the wrong location or moving when you zoom out.

The closer you get (zoom in) to the location the more accurate the pin will seem to be. I suggest to save the pins to a no less that zoom 16, so when you click on the map point from the list, it will display the location at zoom 16 that will give you a more accurate situation of the pin.

It doesn't matter what is the map's zoom level the pin will retain its own zoom level and map type (satellite, road, terrain, etc.)