is an online mapping service built using the popular Google Maps API. Pinmaps offers a great deal of functionality and features that are not available on Google’s My Maps. There are many components that differentiate Pinmaps from My Maps; let’s learn more about what makes Pinmaps unique.

Each pin has its own unique properties. Pins in My Maps do not have their own identity when it comes to the zoom level and map type. Those factors are attached to the map itself, forcing the user to apply the same map settings to all their pins. This is not an issue in Pinmaps. Pinmaps enables users to assign map properties to each individual pin. Think of it as though the main map is a container where you can add pins.

Every map point or location represented by a pin are independent entities on Pinmaps. Points on the map can be saved with their own “Map Type” and “Zoom Level.” For example, you might click on one point that has a zoom level of 16 on a “Satellite” map. Another point on the same map could have a zoom level of 4 on a “Road” or “Terrain” map. 

Maps and pins are completely customizable. On Pinmaps, you can assign a map to be viewed as a “Satellite,” “Road,” or “Terrain” map. Pins placed on that map can be viewed in the same manner as the map, or can be assigned a unique map type.

Take a snapshot, it will last longer. Pinmaps allows users to take “Snapshots” of their map. It helps to create regions and layer maps that have many pins.

Why is it important to be able to assign properties to individual pins? Freedom. Pinmaps users can choose, every map, every pin, every time, how they want to experience a map. This enables users to more precisely identify prospects, serve existing customers, and grow their business.