How do I set the default location and zoom level for each one of my maps?

  • Last Post 20 November 2015
Gpyles posted this 19 November 2015

How do I set it?


Admin posted this 20 November 2015

The main functionality that our mapping software has is that maps and map points have their own "map type" and "zoom level"

For example; you can have a map set with "map type" satellite and this map contains many pins. One pin can have a "terrain" map type and zoom level 14 and other pin can have "road" as map type with zoom level 16.

Now going back to the map you can save it with "Fit to Bounds" set to "on" so that when you start adding pins the map will automatically center and zoom to an optimal level where all the pins are visible at once glance.

If you want to set the "Fit to Bounds" feature "off" it will allow you to select a "fixed" map view of the location and zoom level you want to have as the default map view.

In order to save the map the way you want, drag the map with the left button of your mouse, zoom in or out with the zoom control (+/-) on the map. You can also double click the map or use the scroll button of your mouse to zoom in and zoom out. Click the "Edit Map" button located on the toolbar (located right above the map), and click the save button. 

Now this is the new default view of your map. You can also change map type (satellite, road map or terrain map) and it will be reflected on the "default" view of your map. 

Do this for each individual map and as many time as you need in order to accommodate all your pins. The idea in this case is that you have the map at the zoom level that fits your screen.