Addresses not translating correctly

  • Last Post 13 August 2016
amarks33 posted this 12 August 2016

I have entered addresses according to the United State Postal Service, but the site is translating 'Suite 100' into simply 0

Also, pound signs "#" are being translated into quotation signs (")

Any thoughts on how this can be corrected so that our addresses display the way our organizations list their locations?

Admin posted this 13 August 2016

When you say the address is not translating correctly I will assume you are talking about the address that is added to the "Description" box.
Anyways, the process of geocoding an address is very complex. The address need to be converted into coordinates on a map.
You can geocode an address for a building that has 300 offices, but the coordinates are identical for all 300 offices.
The fact that Suite 100 "translate" to 0 does not change the goecoded address at all.
What is translated into the description box is just for informational purposes only, and it is the geocoded address. 
The idea of the description box is for the user to add the information they want about that map point.